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Some quick word riffs for a Harvey Milk listen.

Those sully queens make beautiful stranger-angels’ frozen hearts and slippery minds.


Sounding like a $1.29 Midnight Dragon malt liquor 40oz. in 1991 or in the year 2100 no rays of sunshine.


Molotov-smile crashing-ashes-Saturn, the noise punk rocker of the near planets.


Dream police and shadow people floating Gummo style those gutter dervishes.


Crystal jungles walk nicely, or Hee-Haw-legion of the Iron Claw boogie.


Takin’ it heavy since you been gone overkill overkill I fought the law overkill…


Annoying hammers-away and the k9 unit with the Virgin Mary staring at me 3 years now.


Missing you like coffee and doughnuts so burn one with chamberweed hold my lungs tight.


The man, the god, the coven is electric inside the orgone accumulators.


Filthy alleys makin’ my way hobo runnin’ on nails never walking.


Forbidden smothering madness hittin’ the road with flutes-a-chirping in a boat.



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