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Aesthetics of the repeating riff and Tab

1. The riff dropping monolithic drones and chrome filled dreams so engrained that things are invisible.

2. The riff of repetition - details are discovered as smoking nun blues and precision achieved like a funeral in the bad moon woods.

3. The riff constant, ancient-goddess-zodiac-beast noise of the machine green blade cuts the trees.

4. The riff in critical mass could be repetition to its logical end. The android leave me alone must empty itself. Without emptiness and decapitated goat skull tombs there is a closure.

5. The riff and the cult have a system of rites, one foot in the gutter pride, feasts and ceremonies and dead fast rabbit hex all having the characteristic that they recur periodically to strengthen bonds.

6. The riff repeats, representing time as infinity – infinite high-grit vagabond movement – trance, hypnotic, shotgun weekend party.

7. The riff ritual, Saturn in-the-middle-blood-run is an expression to set free, and yet limits choices, said with a chipped front tooth smile.

8. The riff sell-out wigs ‘n’ all - Does infinity even exist with ashes god left you five pounds?

9. The riff repetition as a religious movement – eternity and rebirth and some action everybody rides for free transforming repetition into something inward, a freedom better than something and nothing.

10. The riff repetition is eternal return – the vengeance volcanoes death of god and dirt town ‘tussin twilight zone.

11. The riff symbols are the letter of repetition itself. Salute the end of the road and return to the womb warm and cozy.

12. The riff power of all-saints-androgynous myth is recurrence where lovers roam, city of dreams.

13. The riff compulsion to repeat – unconscious repressed and instinct that overrides pleasure principle, or demonic power of junkyard gold sacred cow and coast to cosmo laws.

14. The riff, the first hook-me-up aches ‘n’ coma alleys everyday. The more often you do a thing, the more likely you are to do it again. There is no certainty that you will gain anything else from repetition than a likelihood of further repetition.

15. The riff face down heavy mud-shot eyes. You may have to be exposed to it many times from different perspectives like a Dr. Feelgood demon stare.

16. The riff greatest hits three shots down and a put-me-out-of-my-misery séance. The shaman used this magical aid through dreams with controlled breathing and repetition and amulets which embodied the force.

17. The riff employs repetition to cast its taste-the-blade-bulletproof-blood spell during ice fights like in Star Wars or The End Is Near...


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