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Black Sabbath - 'Sabotage' - aesthetics

Climbing mountains emotions lies within catacombs and bones dead skulls.

First band of its kind path to nowhere buy the ticket.

The other, the gaze, the psyche, the paranoia knows all.

Engaging time rifts like a 23-leg creature development.

General warm ambience metal learning to die learning to fly.

Good vs. evil downer drama with anti-heretic gospels out of the cave.

Soothing ironic textures riverside river’s edge Feck.

Thrill of it all opium den spirit-in-numbers-alchemy mood.

Meteor hole in the sky process-of-making-meaning durability, CG Jung.

Hammers-kill-anvil you’re not alone context.

Filthy-streets-young thought indulgence, raise flags.

Only red light districts maybe not and melting fingers faces necks feet.

Superthrone insanity chants from downtown Mallarme Poe.

The devil’s work corralling all the riffs Jesus St. John.

Candy from a baby pill shivers standing on the beach music.

Everyone’s laughing at you because of a won/loss, up/down gainlessness.

The depressed guitar tone favors the bum kickin’ it.

Only blue objects seven dawg days schizophrenic.

Paradise lane strippers won the lottery grandiose.

Deaf horses judge like lonely locust males.

Sorrowful bass off the rails chains charts walls.

Elite trash - silver tooth - empathetic drums.


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