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Excerpt from the Wonderful Law Lotus Sutra vs. a Mazzy Star review

To that 5-string death-twang-driller of a courageous man who shall proclaim this sutra precursor to the real god-is-dead goal after my complete less-movement body extinction I will also send many creations and cultural change and psychedelic calmness animating the void. Legend acid-metal Derrida-lives-deconstruction-monks, subtly dark nuns watching a fire, tambourine lay devotees, male and female sweet Mary of silence erotic style philosophy will honor him as well as the classes of the creativity-as-narcissistic audience. And should there be some to attack the irrational with clods, sticks, injurious words, threats, taunts, underground drones, then the moon wind creations shall defend him and speed up decay with vague emotional ideas and lines and forms, indistinct is most important. And when he shall stay alone, engaged in a study of mastering the object, in a lonely place, in the forest or the mountains, then will I show him my abstract luminous body form and enable him to remember the lesson he forgot with less confusion. While he is living lonely tone-of-the-flesh introvert stereotype in the wilderness learn to look. I will send him gods that carry divine messages and gothic-like goblins that expose dark forces that harm in great number to keep him company. Such are the advantages he is to enjoy from self-perceptions; whether he is preaching dream-pop-zen like Syd Barrett trips to the four classes, or living, a solitary, in gray-as-death mountains and studying his lesson, he will see me. His readiness of speech and anxiety of desire and fear and imagination exhausted knows no impediment; he understands the manifold requisites of exegesis; he satisfies thousands of olive and dive kotis of beings out of their burial because he is, so to say, inspired and blessed by the Buddha escaping alienation with colors and always sailing away acoustic train, the harmonious floating Awakened One, the blue light Perfect One. And the creatures who are entrusted to his care shall very soon all become Bodhisattva Religious Heroes, and by cultivating his intimacy and simplicity as complexity, they shall behold Buddhas in a palace, innocent eye Awakened Ones, as numerous as the sensual sands of the Ganges. Go back to the source, ancient surfaces of time and maybe Anais Nin.



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