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Ideas, art as magik, Bowie

Planet Earth carry ‘em to the parade of fools. Simplicity – people tend to ignore what they don’t know and why aren’t we dead yet? Open or closed eyes, space-rock third eyes close ‘em hold ‘em forever suns and see what happens. It’s about making the ground-control-infinite finite. Make floating-riff-sense for the seven senses but leave a little for sparkly accents. Taking it all in and organizing information with cult of repetition slows-drone-art that is in constant change in seeing and feeling and hearing and relationships of shapes and alien spiders in nitro-sander-space/time. Orchestral vision in art is the insight into the idea let’s go to Mars in a death-charged 18-wheeler . The glam context always needs more ideas, like a crying convention. The ideas are psychic effect roll ‘n’ stones and some physical facts like liquid space hovering just enough to complete a mystery, past generations and piano emotions included. A white light simple expression of a complex heavy-rock aspiration or a stopping time thought. Artist as eat-the-stars magician navigating moonage-lucidity thought and dragon-fishing chaos into order. Roots of ideas and future narratives could be based in myth worlds, a collision of power and image and atmosphere and yoga pill experience to formulate a view of existence under the bridge thrice.

Plain ol’ entertainment absurdity rules if you keep looking seeking tubes and tubes and tunnels whatever truths and pleasure while uncovering a theoretical escapist human. Can’t change eternal nature of things fuck all fucky because nature rules on a path and Ziggy plays and only art can change the absurdity of existence, it is called creation maybe anarchy forged and hotlights, seeing the world for the first time, levels, divisions, and layered time political shut yer mouth. Which means creating through the psychedelic D. Doubler Sister Ray, a distortion of the real, a new discovery, a gemstone pool of color, a broken bones deviation from the norm which produces progress and growth for a higher consciousness on this holy place. An abstract made concrete like vintage dogs, the material of an unseen world nothing but sky with its free associations and relations and ultramega magic and flutes ‘n’ stuff not really concerned with clear communication but with gold-plated ideas thrown upon the imagination and definition of one’s own vision.



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