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If infinity exists, there is a surreal Noble Twelvefold Path somewhere...

....third eye "Searching With My Good Eye Closed."

Asceticism – Semi-minimalist unitive knowledge scraped down to nothing-scrap and synchronicity and a diabolical serenade snake dance.

Wanderlust – Here comes the sun born to run since whenever divide and conquer got sweaty necks and a cremation ghats visit.

Martyrdom – Rusty ears withered at summer’s end and suffering the world’s shitshows mostly ‘cause underground control we can’t see it, hear it, say it.

Art therapy – Esoteric groupies with their street poetry of UFO pilots melting glass brains and huffin’ earth glue and gas.

Thorazine shuffle – Overkill grand illusions of outer space life and thinking they were Jesus Christ ooby-dooby neo-lucifer crucifier.

On the wagon – Dem bones seein’ triple every fuckin’ day ‘cause phenom gun girls on the shitlist drunk for the last time.

Soul searching – Lost my psyche yesterday and Lord Hanuman knows heads ‘n’ all-ether-spirits shine on 5 heads I think…

Escapism – Fuckin’ A the pusher has greasy eyes so don’t make eye contact with that sky princess runnin’ dope and smiles and hopes.

Happiness – Are you in need of some new kicks pleasure and contentment kill kill kill kill. A handsaw aura is all there is to say…

Giving and receiving – Three-headed sobergoats are gifts from the three rummies wasted and ripped and hammered and looking towards the future like rolling stones with canes.

Lettin’ loose for once – Jaundice and screams and dilated pupils and a healthy ego so piss your pants on purpose by the curb at 3am no one can see.

Looking on the bright side – Throwin’ the dice always a loser mostly in dreams and with the illegal snuff keepin’ it heavy little spoons and mirrors and shag carpet.


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