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Liturgy and BIG|BRAVE live review St.Paul - 6/17/23

Semi-dissonant black metal and that Southern Lord house drone 'n' roll.

Old rebels emotionally dead finally, the pineal gland pummeled like Burroughs junkie priests saying the rosary.

Dirty luxury and riot hearts buddha imitation with an honor roll hashish kit.

Reaching-for-top-consciousness funeral pyre building trees and burning churches.

Open the doors and the box and the human skin and work the spells with light reapers and silent horses.

Empty spaceship mental health medicine club, no need for meaning, love.

Esoteric judges, glass eaters and the great dragon with 99 crosses, bastard great virtues and some deep cuts.

Nada circus choir born to fail born-again-goody-boys anything but pain, life is pain.

Adrenaline boost whippets are suicide engines sad feathers depressed.

Sweet motor slackers do what you want ‘cause the lotus flower is never dead and dying soon.

Midnight streets, wars and servants, aurora borealis, hole in the head, feral switchblades and sewers.

No way outta here so don’t command the ways.


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