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Live review - The compassion and warmth of OM. 9/17/22 - Minneapolis

Al Cisneros and OM in Minneapolis.

Pray for lightning, thunder-don’t-work atmospheric aura lighting was one color focus-blue throughout. Seven-skull-done gloom control and some background smoke machine with unknown weather drips meltdown.

Meditation self-locator-dopes-diablo pit, not a megaton-mosh-down-hatred pit where the acid-washed faces have gathered.

The 8th sense is organ failure. Cymbal guru rhythm dog bunky two wheels twenty buck run and a Gnostic mass beat don’t need a knife-stick need a mind slay.

Three strangers, great masters there rebellious audience weed smell and she got the zodiac on my grave backrubs and goosebumps handful of pins with sleep paralysis.

Thebes themes voices and curses written, taught. Amun and Dionysus popped a lotta pills side effects and queens this way wicked white furs and necropolis – abduction messengers those dirty faced leviathans.

Strung out tales of an absinthe drinker join the losers and the downed chanting inverse ritual numbers, the holy grail. Contemplation repetition affects do you know the way?...conference of the bird love does.

The Tao was everywhere, underwater Nile city beyond the gates, but centered down at the lake eh smokin’ reefer the bastard way, show me chemical throat saturation Lizzy bonkers ‘n’ all.

Everything is everything corners-of-the-circle-sun-ashamed energy universal just what is and not trying to be transcendental. Bohemian mentality hooked ‘em up and unleashed.

Heavy gauge edge of sanity blood and blister God is good Rickenbacker enlightenment-in-toyland paisley slaves and the vortex village.


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