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Maximalism burning a life while listening to Ed Hall's Motherscratcher

Sing for the left and sing for the carnie, that cool untrash covengirl trendless carnie wearing the vans and driving a custom van and a noisy tuned guitar for pickin’ on downtime addicted to the cold brew coffee it gives the skull shivers and brain midnight moves swagger the beat hotel only one window with a stained SST records t-shirt too big like talking to corpses and a crawling mammoth. The language has been reduced to deconstruction Derrida all there is in the fast lane slicks hot rod sucker riot let it all out and chrome and candy apple red shimmering metallic in the sun no narrative no authority ‘cuda tongue crop it out for those about to rock standing at the foot of the Ganga.

It’s either worship it or fear it. Get on burnin’ lives say so like the summer of ’67 right before the shit hits the fan fuzz bastards running with the fishes and Ed Hall just babies then serpent coils through our creativity sleeping with the lions and vocal tones emerging use a pedal nice pipe brainiac and you got a light? Of course! Look at my lungs mister smell it and disrupt midnight mind doctor graduated from the Institute of Negative Thoughts as a master and moonrocks and wondering why people don’t want to die. Dreams die feelin’ Minnesota, death is beyond love little dreamer keep it whole like Dave the prophet and lose tight religion.

Let me tell you about getting the fuck outta here unscathed late with three keys and no false pretenses you hung-up mud pilot? Let’s just have a beer double vision and forget about the crosses we carry impaled with a nail nine inch sing for the left and sing for the nihilist absurd behind those eyes throw the dart or that bowling pin or so it goes racing cars engine leper-pleasing a drag down the old country C for kicks with hobo bums traveling up and down and cloistered smile of a dead man pour a piss and finish off the bottle like in 1956 or an uptight Fluxus situation with a blizzard of guns.

Beauty is the purpose, meaningful meaninglessness simplify the context let it bleed and that gem will stand out. Beauty in the moment maya spirit diver it comes as a surprise and the reaction is positive. Takes up space and time wasting time until we die everything is now the "urgent message for all mankind" the secret’s secret drop-out vision not madness, madness in the throne room with a 30-day hex and two trees down.


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