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Philosophy of the arrow with the Kyuss tone tuner “Phototropic.”

- Ten ways to rock the arrow of time with good morning riffs…You still beat?

- Time is composed of moments – crescendo dynamic - the flying arrow quarter-master vid-psyche is therefore motionless, neither here nor there.

- It’s not about the symbol of an arrow but what it is pointing at – a movement towards something. You forget about the arrow immediately, blind ambience. The absent points to the presence Robby bags degenerate.

- Needle to the seed Buddhist finger pointing at the silver-tracks to the moon wanderlust mars life under three lights lighting the dark.

- The arrow symbolizes war and power and she knows new ways with fragile cohesion.

- Rays of the sun burn it clean Jack, stony-rocks stoner fuzz points.

- Arrows held by skeletons would be death grunge-rot love and the Tao leaves town.

- Cheyenne – Freudian symbol of male power like a coupla wild punks growth style.

- You can’t get lost in a neuro-desert, just follow the arrows cruisin’ night imagery.

- No doubt about it, it means which way it points - break on through with empathy textures.

- Doesn’t require language my goldenhair nonchalant superstar hooks.

- Enhance communication run on, run and run on high moods.

- First appears on a compass circa 14thCentury and crowned in 1976 like a hovercraft.

- Compassion harmony play button, tonight we ride.

- Is the forms-of-emotion arrow a universal controller or a heavy socialist?

- Shape of bird or fish reaching up, pointy end first like an Interstate 94 traveling freebird.

- Bird’s footprint imply opposite direction, a Mazzy skytrip no worries drama.


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