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Synchronicity while listening to Helmet's Strap It On

- A pack-a-spell theme of mini-processes unobserved getting into the groove.

- Archetypal sacrilege-self can influence events around us with scissor riffs.

- Spawn-deep personal value don’t yell at me.

- Resolves suffering-drama conflict of opposites cuttin’ murder or not.

- Obscurity-is-authentic early 90s Am Rep type flexibility that embraces whatever foggy-ambience life offers.

- Simply complex to take any shape effortlessly like a Sandman dream a bad.

- Myth is invisible unlike holidays-in-a-hopscotch-melody skatin’ ramps.

- Implies wholeness of pyramids and a Sonic Youth underbelly.

- Huffin’ leaves pieces interwoven with a cleanse-the-pallet drone.

- Poetic sugar trickster behind the scenes successful daily routine.

- Loud/soft/loud repetition of Dr. Suess data hep cats.

- Similar-in-form right-sad-hard-silence attract each other to make a series down on main street double-chin indulgence.

- The one sellout-swing-with-the-moment and the many writers on the storm dependent upon one another.

- Patterns calculated divided-by reproduce themselves with the sinner mood young and angry.

- Supplying alternative information, durable, urgently, rather than energy, holistic tears get it over with.

- Between higher spheres and the earthly boots-in-dirt world fire light ‘til dawn Himalayas.

- Dumb-junk hero of his own drama, freedom sky tone.

- Activation of a counter-culture archetype, no weakness.


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