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The absurdity of human life while listening to Black Flag's "Damaged" LP

Nothing better to do, gotta break free, from the misdemeanor boutique.

Clarify one vision of too many, one is all we need my satan of mine bolt ‘em.

A punk rock sound medium is the message – exemplary be kind please.

Prozac depression holds me down each day like a curse-the-cross party.

Cut my fires into two young one, let’s generate some ideological conflict.

The lawless matrix = TV party

A negative awareness of being down, down wasteland destination.

We sit no-intentions-space-hauler gnarly rad to the max.

The erotic melodic 2000 is not a cliché like gimme gimme gimme…

Uniqueness implies separation and maybe a tooth rattler hit the wall hard break.

Disappearance to the limitless void by ways north and south diablo of yours.

Pooja scrooge season with a loaded gun.

The last warrior blues yogi does not ask what for.

Man becomes emptiness while the eagle still flies no stop.

The meaningless in endless 20 leagues moon rocket.

The absurd creates enigmas and planet convoys on a racetrack.

The USS hooch-pile sickness is an attraction of the unknown.

I wanna be iron-nerve-nightmare confused.

Vanish from life give me the keys journey to the east.

Cancer of the black cat Poe Ginn, but the reality is underneath the surface skin.

Captain mainline at the X and the Y abolished by constant change.

What does the prophet know about anything except to paint it black.

Therapy it’s my life Laing with no absolute meaning.

When the music’s over Rollins rise above miserable.

The dirty witch alone on the top tier is not tragic because it is necessary.

Lack of feeling for the whole gestalt suffocation-ing-ton-son-age-ner all the ways…

Ideas have little to do with the truth, like a real Spider-Man.

I need more and more and more Sandoz labs creates a donkey for a head.

She dances to dull repetition heavyweight have mercy.



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