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The aesthetics of "European Son" by The Velvet Underground,

or, the Chupacabra whisperer...

- She’s got that Frankenstein shuffle with all the colors like a Warhol repetition.

- Unlike Romeo and Juliet, black metal sonic techniques were unknown back in the sixties, proto.

- Intense free expression reaching down deep beats and strings for all the right reasons, originality.

- All roads lead to non-conformity as in a controlled simply complex chaos.

- Let it loose like Willy Wonka loose, dripping guitar res.

- Wrong-road-poppies-drop and crescendos are not always abstract concepts.

- The heartbreaker goddess has a dark aura and wants to make love to the scene.

- Nothing to hold onto, like meeting a UFO or fast insta-pickin’.

- Can you listen to the whole track? It hits those interior surreal fragments oh so sweetly.

- The meaning is the process, the schizoid episode, the bangin’ on the wake up party.

- Cosmic accidents cause beautiful decay, apocalyptic.

- Like an oncoming train wreck, the clock of god.

- Need to reject something, to not fit in, unlike an orgasm or the conquest of an autopsy session.

- The wounded LSD peakin’ moment, same things but different words every time.

- Trying to surprise the corroded simple man, he then flies away.

- After the end song, there will be a Church of the River.

- Bedroom eyes hospice purgatory death.

- The sad psyche weeper crushes values to create a new, avant-garde for the time.

- She said forever, that is somewhere between love, illusion and paranoia.

- Tension, timelessness and ego alienation – an amphetamine push and pull with two moons.

- An exorcism cleanses, like a baptism of fire, those are the ways of the etherbuds.

- The conclusion is it will destroy itself because of a gift from a gothic unicorn.

- People can’t stand the ugliness and will leave the room, a shot through the neck.

- Hammerin’ anti-style and ration all the meats.

- Close to vein-poppin’-and-bones-poetry than to holding some holy water.

- Illumination, see in a new light, the spinal stairway to Saturn-shine.


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