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Twin Peaks saved my life

That which is obvious is not revealing to the All, everybody, the gifted and the damned, nothing is simple. Exists to be found. Coincidence and fate going nowhere fast. Outer simplicity owls (cave) silent merely the keeper of drone-dreamy wild orchid treasure within, animal grace cry wolf and a doug fir like a twig, nature is cruel. Below the circle-of-pain surface uptown surrealism as above so below aces perfect, not essence symmetry or dead-dog asymmetry the giant riddles but proportion and shape and balance among the shadows. What is space and what’s behind it? Neon deathbeds? The whole point is to make subtle, parasite, vague like a robot and detached disconnect reading books about bullets and love is hell. Art cannot be reduced to a system, only the connections indirect connections free associations sweetheart halves let the ideas fly infinitely synchronicity and Jungian lord zodiac psychology lunatic edge and let the viewer complete the work of art simply by the experience of it, crosses and scarecrows and bags of dice.

A fact (secret elders), an accident (death not ends it), an outcome (isn’t that what it’s all about), a surprise (spill your guts), an action (kissing dirt), a (five and dime) consciousness is kept in motion by contradictions yes-no black mass-white lodge.

Writing the absence it was red, art as illusion via crucis, the spirit of the forms is one loves too much and love is not enough, does not judge, a weapon against the established order dweller on the threshold. Hardest truth first the purpose is not to impose structures but to lift repressions and mess with the beast, evil for evil don’t wait in the car black lodge value of hate. The artwork must function as life rhythm, reinterpret existing phenomena and there must be a discovery like big mouth mickey’s pocket-rocket mullet. Great art is terrifying, monstrous, touch it, a demon of course, repellent but beautiful slip inside it only when you smoke. Take stock of midnight reality and depart from moonless-night-reality at the same time – abstract knowledge break the code Jupiter and Saturn.

Strange, absurd, unknown, feng shui, erotic, life eternal believeth-electric another sun rising beyond the fire room 315. Godspeed. There’s no tomorrow…


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