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Zen-like answers to the neo-koan - What is pop-culture-existential- nihilistic-noise-rock?

1. Sonic originality as the night of the orbs, white light paints a blinding sight.

2. Riff lightning summer’s over and trees down, logging trucks a plenty.

3. The restless weirdo stereotype spotted in the alley, past the witching hour.

4. Jedi-master-on-a-dime lyrics through the wormhole bridges, burn.

5. The big city syndrome of tetrahedron geometry dream harmonies, sacred.

6. DD, she dances the end at Easter Island with solar halos’ melodies.

7. Dynamics like 18 steps done lame-less likes that shit.

8. In-the-woods-never-alone hooks so fuckin’ bonkers insane hooks part two.

9. East west of hell down all ways super layers, no-anchors freedom.

10. Threshold black rising textures and others, candy lips curling sweet.

11. No funeral ashes rise and skateboards fly types of indulgence.

12. Dirt town friction, heaven road 3 towers high.

13. Bright always flashing red ambience full-on mental breakdown.

14. The damned don’t notice the imagery brought forth, all the pain gorging.

15. Hills runaway and a cliff she don’t hugga-dealer lighting.

16. The mad run-on lifer down by the lake mood.

17. Psychological drone mind-control, jackpot diamonds.

18. Electric machine biter style bouncing in a rubber room.

19. Axis 108 emptiness emotions, check your head, suffering.

20. The context is continuous annihilation and moss-talk curses green.

21. Social function at Magic Gardens Portland now abandoned entropy.

22. Non-commercial space-age tugboats and let-it-junk antiques patina.

23. The iron claw and galloping new star artistry.

24. Cohesion like a blow-top Thor and a strobe light, all speed drift.

25. Immediacy of supersonic samsara experience.

26. The high-rail riverside, follow me down there but no drama.

27. Memorable, like crumbling flesh piles and tunnels.

28. The psyche of floating birds and hearts are semi-calculated.

29. Engaging winter cats singing…Minneapolis rock city.



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